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Visit from Dad

Dad visits

My dad’s first visit to the house since construction began. My dad’s a former engineer and building inspector, so I value his expertise. He was impressed with the construction. The entryway has been opened up, the pantry is gone and they even moved the family room window to make more room for our 

Framing adjustments

Interior framing 2

Once again, David Weekley came through for us. Sometimes things don’t turn out exactly right the first time, but our builder (supervisor) doesn’t quit. He kept on the framers until the bathroom window was done right. …

View from the inside

Interior framing

A big day for us… our first time walking inside our new house! So much changed in the last ten days, when it was cold foundation walls and a pile of wood. It’s a real house, with floors, stairs and walls. …

Roof framed

Roof framed

They topped off the house while I was at work. I’m sorry I missed seeing them lift up those trusses. I’m amazed at how this all happens… they take a pile of lumber and a plan and turn it into a house!

The donuts

Today was unforgettable. And not because of the house… because of the people.

I’ve been watching the crew for several days, sometimes waving at them but mostly trying to stay out of the way. I don’t want to distract a guy and he shoots a nail gun through his hand! …

Our framing has begun!


When I arrived at the homesite today, they had already erected the first wall! It’s on the east side – a two-story section that includes the three windows that will one day overlook our staircase. 

The windows


The framing has begun for our neighbors to the west! For the first time, it feels like an actual house. Brookfield has also begun framing the Duet 2 across the street. I’m surprised at how much this changes things. …

The basement door


Despite the cold weather, they poured our basement floor yesterday. Yay!

We have a new concern, and I don’t know why I didn’t think of it sooner. We’re so accustomed to the model home (which has a finished basement) that we didn’t consider how our unfinished basement will look. …

The driveway


It’s been cold, but the concrete crew still managed pour our driveway. This is the first flatwork and it’s great seeing something other than foundation walls. The driveway is about 21 feet long – most driveways are about 10–15 feet. …

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