Our framing has begun!

When I arrived at the homesite today, they had already erected the first wall! It’s on the east side – a two-story section that includes the three windows that will one day overlook our staircase. They’ve been great allowing me to watch (and photograph) the progress. I don’t even set foot on the property, always standing across the street or alley.


Our builder stopped by and asked me about the window we’re adding to the garage. He walked right over to the foreman and changed the plans on the spot. Talk about responding to the customer!

Framers worked most of the afternoon on the long west wall, and then the whole crew shouted as they raised it into position. Everyone grinned as I filmed it. I’m not sure many homeowners stand around for moments like this, but it was thrilling for me anyway!

For the first time, I can imagine where rooms and windows will be, and how they line up with the neighbors. We’ll definitely have a clear view to the west over the neighbor’s garage from our master bedroom. Not sure what’s being built past that, or if we’ll see the mountains. I also wonder about the master bath… will we see in between the houses to the eastern horizon? We’ll know in a few days!

© Robert B Pickering 2017