Windows & plumbing

Progress on the house (and all new homes at Midtown) seems to have slowed a bit. In the final weeks of 2016, nearly all the foundations were poured in the block between 68th Avenue & 67th Place, as well as between Mariposa Street & Mariposa Place. But out of 36 lots, only 12 have any framing done at all, and most of that was in December. Perhaps that’s normal, but I suspect the builders are having trouble finding enough framing crew.

Our windows and doors were installed on Monday. The house is now quieter and there’s no fear of snow and wind blowing in, although there’s still no garage door. By week’s end, bathtubs were in place and plumbing installed. I was surprised to see the plumbing is not copper or metal pipes at all, but a type of flexible tubing. We’re looking forward to roofing & electrical soon.


The next house being framed on our block is a David Weekley Cerulean. It’s the largest of their Park Collection, and unfortunately it put an end to our hopes of seeing the mountains from our bedroom windows. But what a beautiful home it will be: angled roof like ours, and a balcony with city views. The family buying that house will love it.

I can picture how our block will look when it’s completed later this year… and it’s exciting.

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