Down in the valley

We’re still waiting to sign an updated contract on the new lot. After a weekend away in the mountains, we stopped by Midtown to see what’s going on. Nothing much happening in the homesites, but we were shocked to find the eastern valley totally transformed.

Gone are the segregated piles of topsoil, fill dirt, recyclable concrete and other materials. In fact, the grade of the whole valley has changed. Now there’s a long drainage ditch through the center leading to the retaining ponds. There’s a culvert crossing halfway across, but no roads. In fact, 67th Place, which we always believed would continue on east, seems totally cut off by the grade separation. What will become of the valley is still a mystery. It’s not detailed on any maps I’ve seen. I imagine it will be too valuable to use for anything besides houses, but that could be a couple years down the road.


I look forward to development of this valley. Someday, it could be a very special place.

© Robert B Pickering 2017