Tour Brookfield Tealight & Duet

Today we toured the last two series of homes at Midtown: the Brookfield Tealight and Brookfield Duet. (Century Communities builds townhomes at Midtown, but we want a private yard.)

Brookfield Tealight is a series of smaller homes, often built around a common courtyard. The models are beautifully decorated and upgraded, with finished basements. And for us, we’d need to finish the basement because they really are quite small. Youl often have to choose between a kitchen table or island. Not enough room for both. Second floor bedrooms have cathedral ceilings and some have a balcony. These houses might be great for a single person who doesn’t cook much.

Brookfield Duet are interesting. They look like attractive industrial buildings. Each is a paired home, with a garage hidden on the side and a shared driveway with your neighbor. They’re the only houses at Midtown thus far to have front driveways, but at least there are half as many as there would be. Of the different floorplans, we like Duet Two the best. One of the bedrooms is situated above the garage with windows on three sides. Duet Three our least favorite. You open the front door and enter a big, empty room with a kitchen at one end… and that’s it. An open floorplan can be a plus, but does it have to be this open?


With no garage or alley behind the homes, the Duets have the biggest back yards. But we didn’t find any houses today that felt like a good fit for us.

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