Second visit to Midtown

It’s the Fourth of July, and after a picnic in the park, we headed to Midtown. I had to ask Siri how to get there… it had been that long. Since it’s a holiday, models were closed but we had a chance to walk around.

Midtown changed in the two years since we last saw it. It’s now many blocks and four builders, with everything from attached homes (condos) to large homes. Still surrounded by industry… but when you’re in the community you can forget most of that.

Visit 2

We drove down the streets, then got out and walked. A new park at the west end is lined with three-story urban-style homes – the kind that would be over a million dollars in our Denver neighborhood three miles south. I didn’t know how much they were in Midtown, but there were signs next to smaller homes that said “from the high-300s.” That might be in our price range.

Back home, I looked up our house on Zillow. I was shocked. If the estimate is true, the value of our Sunnyside house has almost doubled in 11 years, mostly since 2012. And it makes Midtown look quite reasonable. Maybe a new home isn’t so out of reach after all. In fact, it might even save us money, if we work it out right.

We’re starting to get excited about the possibilities.

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