First visit to Midtown

I’m writing this a couple years after our first visit, when our home is under construction. But let’s start our Midtown story at the beginning.

We met a friend for lunch on this rather cold, gray May day… a friend who loves to look at new homes. He was very excited. “We found a new place not too far from you. Really modern. Let’s stop by and check it out!” So we followed him in our car.

We drove three miles north of our Sunnyside neighborhood, to a part of metro Denver I’d never seen before. Our lives center around downtown Denver, and we rarely had any reason to go north of I-70. I considered that area to be rather gritty and run-down. It’s Adams County… and not really in any city at all.

Visit 1

I was not prepared for this. Modern houses that didn’t look like anything I’d seen before. Some are square, some have curved roofs, others look like several shapes stuck together. Not for everybody, but as a techie who appreciates everything modern, I was intrigued.

The first house we entered was a Brookfield Signature Two. Big rooms, huge windows everywhere. The part I’ll never forget was the master bathroom. It’s really two bathrooms, with entrances on both sides of the master bed. Each has its own sink, toilet and closet, and a large shower (with several shower heads) between the two sides. “You could wake up, get ready in your own bathroom, and only meet your spouse in the shower!”

Next came a Signature Four. One wall is built at an angle… really more like a wall of windows. The largest bank of sliding glass doors I’ve ever seen. It’s stunning, adding light and energy to the space. Wow! Signature Five is the final model, with its cathedral ceiling and flat-screen TVs on each side of the wall. We were all impressed.

We also checked out David Weekley’s models. Colorful is the first word that comes to mind, and not just the exterior. The Goldenrod model had a lime green dining room accented by turquoise vases. Nice master retreat with an ajoining sitting room. A detached garage in a contrasting color really sets it off.

The Azure model was cool as well. Open floorplan, modern industrial staircase, a sitting area/loft at the top of the stairs. We loved the finished basement with yellow-painted corrugated metal wall. The colors really set this place apart.

Would we buy one of these houses? Sure they’re cool, but we were very happy with our current neighborhood. Why would anyone want to live here? Nothing but piles of gravel and trucking companies. Besides, I had 15 years of payments left on our historic Denver home. And a new house would surely cost more than ours.

I didn’t give it any serious thought at all. I didn’t take any cards or price sheets. In fact, I would forget how to even find Midtown for the next 2 years. It’s probably just as well… the time wasn’t right.

Not yet.

© Robert B Pickering 2017