Things change

We had a setback today. The lot we were so excited about, the one with the downtown view… it’s not going to work out for us.

Although our lot is wider than many at Midtown, it’s a corner lot. It turns out the lot is 5 feet narrower than expected, and that causes a problem with setback regulations. A slightly smaller floorplan will have to be built on that corner. David Weekley was also surprised by this – there was a miscommunication between them and Brookfield (the developer).

Things change

I drove around Midtown and found a completed home on the west side that’s built on a narrow corner lot. The street design is different from ours and the curb forces cars to drive further away from houses as they round the corner. And it’s a different floorplan that could be narrower than ours.

Midtown is designed with smaller, low-maintenance lots that many people love. As a gardener, I don’t think I would be happy with a lot like this.

David Weekley has promised to find a solution… an even better lot. But for the moment, we don’t know where we will be. And it has really taken the excitement away.

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