Another chance

David Weekley has proposed a solution to our lot-fit situation: a larger lot across the alley from where we were originally going to build. It’s still considered a corner lot, but the side yard will face the backs of other homes instead of a downtown view. We’ll get morning sun and afternoon shade. And the driveway will be on the north, where it will take longer to melt snow in winter.

The lot was originally designated for a larger Park series home, so it’s significantly bigger than our original lot. I could have a big garden there, room for a couple trees, pathway and a water feature. And with a southern-facing house, we could have bright sun all winter long.

Lot 2

There’s a cost difference with this larger lot, and although David Weekley is reducing the price to make up for our trouble, it’s an expense we didn’t plan for. We’ll need to make adjustments in our design center options to make it work.

David Weekley really did follow through on their promise to find a better lot. They could have moved us somewhere else, or just returned our money. I’m glad they stuck with us.

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