Design Center 1

Our first visit to the design center! And we were completely surprised by the abundance of decorator choices.

I bought a new home before: a house at Sunrise Creek in southern Jefferson County. It was built in 1999–2000 by Melody Homes (later DR Horton). I remember spending a couple hours choosing a laminate countertop pattern, a vinyl floor, and a tan carpet. We chose the cheapest standards available… well, we did splurge on gold-colored faucets!

Design 1

Working with David Weekley’s design center is completely different. There seem to be 5 brands of everything, 3 lines within each brand, and at least 5 patterns in each line. So many choices can make it feel a little overwhelming.

It helps that the design team includes actual designers! Richard and I brought pictures of the homes we love and our Pinterest boards. They listened to us and helped us craft a modern/contemporary look. We found many choices in our price range.

Today was mostly about understanding our options. We’ll have a week to research and consider our choices before our next visit.

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