New contract

It felt like today would never come. We signed an updated contract, transferring to the new lot. Our old lot, which we loved, would be slightly too small for our floorplan. Due to setback regulations, it wasn’t possible to build it there.

For three weeks, David Weekley promised us they would make it right, and we never really had any reason to doubt. But they needed to get confirmation from engineering that they could build our floorplan on the new larger lot they had designated. And we finally got it!


We do like the new lot, which is across the alley from the original one. It’s certainly bigger – I can have a real yard, which is not always possible with Midtown’s “new urban” density. But I’ll admit it’s a challenge to get our original excitement back. These weeks have been hard on us, but we didn’t lose sight of our dream. And I’m thankful David Weekley stuck with us.

I’m sure we’ll feel much better when construction begins.

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