Brookfield or David Weekley?

At our request, our real estate agent has helped us look at several communities. We’ve looked at resales in Stapleton and new builds in Denver. There are some great new condos in Jefferson Park not far south of our Sunnyside neighborhood. Imagine living just two miles west of downtown with great city views. Maybe strolling Sloans Lake at sunset. But we’d give up having our own garden, and unless you luck out with an end unit, don’t expect a lot of sunlight. And about 35% more than a single-family home in Midtown.

So we’re getting closer to making a choice to buy a home in Midtown. But which home? Which builder?

For us, it’s between David Weekley Opal and Brookfield Signature Four. We like them both! So we made another visit to the Brookfield show homes.

Brookfield-Sig 4 kitchen

We love the way Brookfield decorates their models, especially the kitchens and bathrooms. The Tealights seem too small – especially the first floor where you spend most of your time. So that leaves the Signature series.

No doubt, the wall of windows in the Signature Four model is amazing. The large, open feel to the house. But is it too large? There’s just the two of us.

David Weekley Opal is from their smaller square-footage Garden collection, but it’s one of the largest Garden plans. We love the C-shape staircase, and Opal has an option with two sliding glass doors that gives it something of a Signature Four feel.

And then there’s the reality that if we splurge for the larger Signature Four (and a higher base-price), we might not have the money to upgrade it like the models we love. What if we could get the less-expensive Opal, and upgrade it like a Signature?

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