Autumn nature walk

Seems I just can’t stay away from Midtown. I’m drawn not only to the neighborhood, but also the natural surroundings. Parked at the lot on the east edge of Midtown (Kalcevic Gulch) this morning and walked along Clear Creek Trail. The creek is pretty much dry, but the cottonwood trees… such a beautiful gold!


Seventeen years ago, I built my first new home in southern Jefferson County. Right behind my house was a lone old cottonwood tree. It was always an inspiration to me – those stallwarts of the prarie that survive brutal winters, howling winds, and scorching summers. I think I miss that tree more than the house, which was a basic starter home 18 miles from downtown Denver.

Midtown is just six miles from downtown, and has many of the same amenities. I can’t wait to make walking Clear Creek part of my routine. I spent a few minutes in prayer, thanking God for the opportunity to live in a new home… in a beautiful place.

© Robert B Pickering 2017